Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A well-balanced existence

I think there's something really zen about dividing my life into three circles and figuring out where they overlap.

The middle part of the chart: that's la Ravaudeuse disneyland.


  1. I'm glad to see 'exercise' ended up in the center of your venn diagram. Quite an accomplishment, really...

  2. Also I am proud of the exercise, and ashamed it is not in mine...
    I'll give my own a thought - so nerdiliciously intriguing.
    I think 'watching The Wire (complete series)' will be in my current diagram ;)

  3. I find that a good workout keeps me from going crazy. For me, exercise and sex and identity are all sort of mixed up into one great big sweaty thought. If I can't do one, I'll definitely take the other.

    CONFESSION: I've never watched The Wire. I know, I'm totally uncultured.

  4. Call me when Sexy Disneyland opens, I'd love to attend to the premiere ;)