Friday, December 9, 2011

the happiest kind of radio silence

Hello all y'all!!

I know I keep promising to write more, and then I write ONE THING and make the ONE CHART, and then I vanish back into the internet-shaped woodwork for weeks on end. It is a bad blogging habit. This time, I have an explanation that is good and is not related to school (which is going really, really well, for what it's worth).

Y'all, I've been having lots of sex recently. With one dude. Who has not appeared on this blog. Who is now (apparently) my boyfriend.

Imagine that.

This guy is a really wonderful person--obviously--but he doesn't know this blog exists, and I like him and respect his very private nature enough to think that he would be really unhappy if I wrote about him, even anonymously. So I won't be writing about him, at least not unless I (1) work up the stones to tell him about my literary endeavors and (2) discover that he wants to be written about.

As y'all might imagine, my attachment to this gentleman means that I'd rather not marinate in writing about sex I've had with other people, so I don't anticipate that I'll be revisiting a lot of my endeavors with Simon or Louis or any of the other people floating through the fishbowl of my sexual history. I won't say that it'll never happen again, but I will say that I have no plans to at the moment.

I'm not going to be removing the blog from the internet. It's going to stay here, and I'm going to periodically check my email and see how everything is going. This blog was an unbelievable aid to me during a difficult period of my life, probably because it existed so far outside of everything else that I do and because my wonderful readership made it abundantly clear that I was finally good at something. Because many people seem to enjoy my writing, I don't see any reason to take anything down. I hope that other people can stumble over here onto this blog and maybe discover some writing about sex that, for the most part, is both grammatically sound and hot. That's what I've been going for, because in my experience there tends to be a dearth of that kind of material.

Please continue to enjoy my exploits as Margot. I've loved writing them for you, and I hope that y'all have gotten as much out of reading this blog as I have from writing it.


PS: The new man in my life really loves his 1930s-1950s pop music, which means that every now and again I am treated to a car ride with Buddy Holly as the soundtrack. It always makes me smile just a little more than it should.

PPS: buddy holly is not my new boyfriend.