A who's who. All of these names are, naturally, not their real ones. You won't be able to find the real people via google from anything here. Sorry. Expect this list to grow as I decide to include people in it. It doesn't begin to approach everyone who's ever been in my life, sexual or otherwise.

In no particular order:

Grant: My partner/beau/boyfriend, as of the beginning of fall, 2011.

Louis: A recent long-term lover, but now just a friend. He and I had an agreement that while we care about each other as human beings and we enjoy spending time together both with our pants on and off, there is no expectation of exclusivity and there is no commitment. Louis is a bit older than I am and he works in a very, very demanding and time-consuming field. He and I have recently decided to end our sexual arrangement, although we are still delighted to get a beer and chat.

Simon: My most meaningful ex. There are other exes, but he's both the most recent and my most significant relationship as a grown woman. My feelings about him were, and are, complex. A lot of this blog has been an effort to sort out my residual emotions about him, about us, and the sex we had (which was awesome until it was perfunctory). He and I don't talk now because I can't handle the thought, not because there's any bad blood.

Buddy Holly: a one-time-only, really wonderful partner. There's not much more to that story than what's contained in that one post, but I always think of him fondly.

Adam: we danced around the idea of being together, but our chemistry was very much lacking. He has a beautiful beard and an interesting life. We're still in touch.

Siobhán: very close friend and former roommate. Talking to her is like talking to my psyche that lives in another body.

Conrad: a gentleman that existed on the most peripheral margins of my life until he existed in my bed, and then he wandered out again. A lover whose passion more than makes up for any defect in skill, he and I were a one-time thing that ended on an open note.

Carl and Elise: a pair of wonderful friends.