What is going on here, anyway?

I'm a graduate student in a competitive field, I live in North America, and I'm not sure I'm still in my mid-20s, it depends who you ask. I have two arms, two legs, ten fingers, and ten toes. Everything else about me is just a bonus.

The etiology of this blog is that I let a friend read a dirty email I wrote a lover, and she told me that I should consider keeping a sex blog. So I am. I started adding graphs because what the world needs is obviously more graph-and-smut based blogs.

I love getting emails from my readers, and I also take requests that both a) interest me and b) aren't wildly specific.

Regarding veracité/realism: I take contraception and disease prevention very seriously. I love my copper IUD and any partner with whom I am not mutually monogamous is obliged to use condoms. Email me if you've got yourself some contraception questions.

I've received a few requests for link trades and linking for cash. I'll trade links with other blogs I want to read, but I will not trade a link for money. My anonymity is very valuable to me, so unless the amount offered for a link trade (or a review, etc) is substantial, I will not accept.

My namesake is the eponymous lead character from Fougeret de Monbron's Margot la Ravaudeuse, an 18th century French work of smut featuring a female character who loved sex, was unashamed, and also didn't die in the end (or at least, that's how I recall it about 5 years on). Sounds perfect to me. "Ravaudeuse" is an archaic French term for a seamstress or fix-it-girl of clothing.

And finally, given the option I'll take a French Press over drip coffee, with about 20% the final total volume made of 1% milk. If you're curious.