Sunday, October 2, 2011


What's up, puddin' cups?

It's been so long!! I promise I didn't forget about all y'all. Things over here in my fair city have been a little hectic: for example, I no longer live at the intersection of Unicorn Lane and la Ravaudeuse Road but I've relocated to Craigslist Court and Margot Avenue. It's just across town, really. School has also taken a turn for the intense, but incredibly satisfying. For a number of reasons I really didn't want to think about, or write about, sex that I was having or had previously experienced, which will be the subject of a post in the eventual future. The blog took a backseat for a while there. After the crosstown move, my sex drive came back like an 18 year old guy 10 minutes after an orgasm. It's been nice.

But! I'm back. Please look forward to charts and graphs and venn diagrams and stories in the instance that people still read and enjoy this little pocket of the internet. I have very much enjoyed the emails that have found their way over to me in my prolonged absence, and I'm excited to be back!

A bient├┤t,


PS: I have awesome stories to share. Awesome.