Monday, May 9, 2011

a very complex decision-making rubric.


I am in the midst of my longest dry spell in the last 5 years. It's not really that long--maybe a month?--but I have noticed that my friends are much happier with me when I am having sex more regularly. In light of that, I am considering taking my graphs to* to see if I can find a young man who is altruistic enough to have sex with me so I don't get all crabby at my friends (click to embiggen):

I thought a Venn just wouldn't do here. Here's to kind, giving perverts.


*not a real craigslist. Also, I clearly don't live at the intersection of Unicorn Lane and la Ravaudeuse Road. Don't try to find that place.


  1. Anyone who can use "embiggen" properly in a sentence gets credit in my book. I google-mapped your intersection and it says that it's just past FairyPrincess Court but before GetOnYourKnees Parkway. I think I can find it.

    The diagram is perfection, I'll have to share it with my ...ahem...friends.

  2. I do have some suggestions for improving your chart concerning the long distance aspect, other than that ... process analysts take note, this is not only an easily understandable but also rewarding process.

  3. Ok, that is absolutely the most awesome thing I've seen all day! Of course it is only 5:20 a.m., but still... I hope it works out very nicely for you!

  4. If you're down with some action with the fairer sex, I think I could afford the commute.

  5. Just the way I like it ... simple and direct

  6. I'm pretty simple, really. Looking for non-douchebags near me who like boning, like oral, and are understanding of my limited availability.