Thursday, October 6, 2011

Literal Heart-Pants

So, a while ago I posted a Venn diagram about how to find the way into my heart, or my pants, either or. Here is a companion piece, with slightly more explicit instructions (as always, click to enlarge):

Obviously, there's some fine points I'm leaving out of this. And please imagine that every time it says "snore," you are on a date that is shockingly similar to this video about the bond between the anesthesiologist and the orthopod.

Recently I've been into finding new ways to display old data. I think it's part of being a grad student?

A bient├┤t,


  1. Glad you've returned to bloggery. This diagram made me laugh from the horrifying realism of it:)

  2. Do I lose points if I refer to the diagram during the attempt?