Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the size of the friend zone is variable

Some friends of mine and I were talking about the fundamental problem, and we came up with a corollary:

Of course, there are outliers and exceptions, and I'm pretty sure the integral of this function is directly proportional to how wet I am around the object of desire/affection.

I'll get back to a regular schedule of smuttiness shortly.


  1. Personally, I find myself aroused by that upward bump in the "strangers" category :-)


  2. I agree with Jim and think there should be a lot more analysis and data gathering for the "strangers" area ...this bump is significant and I am trying to wonder why and when the small peak is reached. There are so many factors involved, as you mention Margot, such as wetness that I feel this could be represented as a separate line on the graph.
    Come and talk to me after my next lecture and we can review your findings! :)