Monday, March 7, 2011

buddy holly

Not too long ago, my off-again-on-again running partner told me that I need to start writing down the awesome pickup lines that I've been on the business end of. I feel like this might be the perfect forum, especially for when I want to tell a good story but don't have the time to write something quality.

THE LINE: "You are visually delicious!"

Setting: a basement club, not wholly unlike this basement, except maybe 10% the size of the one that inspired that story.

Context: dancing with a young man who keeps grabbing my ass and staring at my tits. I'm two months out of a serious relationship.

Did it work: you betcha. That young man's name is an integral word in a popular song, and every time I hear it I laugh at the same time as I get wet. That's a story for another time.


  1. I'm dying to know the song and to read the rest of the seduction!

  2. the rest of the seduction is a pretty awesome story, but i prefer to change names to preserve anonymity, especially in cases where (1) the name is super-distinctive and (2) i didn't ask if he minded documentation.

    The story, though! I'll totally write that down.