Friday, March 18, 2011

Simplified displays of information

Graphs are way more effective than bitching:

NB: you can substitute "interest in breathing," "desire to sleep," or "amount of non-grad school obligations" for "Interest in sex," and this graph would still be true.

Today, we're starting at the y-axis. This means that, sad as it is to me, I will not be posting anywhere near as often as I'd like, but I'll still be around.

There just might be more graphs.


  1. Hmmm . . . looks like it almost intersected there, at the beginning of your 3rd year. Just couldn't squeeze in something? Even a quickie?

    I sympathize . . . patience is a hard lesson to learn.


  2. My hope to to squeeze in multiple quickies, in addition to a bottle of wine on the beach. There's just an amount of time between now and then that feels too long when you want to enjoy yourself (boards June 18, third year starts July 5), and way too short when you've got to take your boards. Boo.

  3. So the higher your interest in sex, the less likely it is that the lines will intersect? Or, you're so interested in sex that you have no free time for anything else?

    River says I overthink sex. Apparently, she's correct.

  4. My interest in sex is constant and does not depend on the passage of time. Unfortunately, the amount of spare time I have is variable, but it will never be adequate enough for me to actually have as much sex as I would like.


    Other things that will never change or go away are my interest in breathing, sleeping, or non-grad-school related obligations, but my amount of time to do them will only decrease from here on out.

    Double boo.