Sunday, May 15, 2011

Search terms

A little while ago, I mentioned that Blogger and Google let me obsess over my adventures in the internet version of talking too loudly about taboo topics in public places in ways I never quite imagined. I can tell where most of my readers are from (mostly Americans, followed by the UK and Canada, with a healthy dose of non-anglophone countries: Spain, Switzerland, and Germany), what browsers you use (Firefox), and I have discovered that, for whatever reason, Buddy Holly is the most popular post ever over here in la Ravaudeuse-ville. My suspicion: it’s directly linked in the first post I ever had at the site that sends me more readers than anywhere else, Fleshbot (followed by Leah Lays London, Reed and River are Fucking, and Unicorn Sex Party: hello, all y’all!).

Far and away the most fascinating thing that I can track are the search terms that people use to find me. The most popular is, of course, “Margot la Ravaudeuse,” but after that it gets increasingly weird/awesome/baffling. There are a lot of permutations of “la ravaudeuse,” which is probably due to the fact that I didn’t stop to think about the fact that my nascent blog has a name that is really fucking hard to spell. Here are some of the other ones, in no particular order:

“the way into my heart pants”: quote marks necessary. I love the idea that the way into my readers’ collective heart-pants is what I have found.

Unicorn sex stories: pretty sure that’s also due to that first post on Fleshbot, the Unicorn, which seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people. Every word of it, except for the names, is true.

Voyeur: This is the only single-word search term that has lead many, many people here that isn't a variation of the spelling of "ravaudeuse." I had no idea when I wrote the post of the same title that I was tapping into such a vein!

Means that sad: I don’t think that those three words are used together in the whole of this blog. No idea what’s going on there.

Sperm wait, what? Ok, sure. That’s a fetish that doesn’t do a whole lot for me, and that I’m pretty sure I don’t mention at all, but if the folks over at found and liked my blog, it would be foolish not to thank them.

middle aged women telling stories of ehat makes them orgasm: The best part of this search term is that (a) I’m not middle aged, (b) that’s definitely a “ehat [sic]” up in there, and (c) it has been used greater than 1 time to find this blog.

good oral sex pickup lines: oh my god yes please use my blog for this purpose, that’s fucking awesome and I love it ever so much.

black woman hairy pussy: it amazes me that a person can use such specific search terms and find my blog, which definitely uses each of these words multiple times, but not that whole, specific idea. It amazes me even more that this is a search term that’s been used more than once to lead here.

sweaty pizza unicorn: I want to go to wherever there’s a lot of sweaty unicorns with pizza. Or what have you.

song "i want your pussy on my face": if any of you actually write or find this song, please let me know. I’ll be over the moon.

just uncut cocks: that is definitely not what lives at, but it’s definitely a welcome guest.

why is my google reader play full of porn?: I believe that’s because you made it that way. Unless we’re talking about a play that someone wrote about google reader that is accidentally full of porn, which is an entirely different phenomenon.
sex stories with a unicorn: I think I’m way less literal than this person was looking for. 


  1. You crack me up, Margot. This is inspiring, although I can say that about pretty much everything here. I feel a copycat post coming on (which is not what I usually feel after visiting you).

  2. Now I want to search for some of those things. I love reading lists of search terms, but it does make me pause every time I'm about to type something into Google and wonder if the owner of whatever site I end up on will end up mocking me. I've never Googled unicorns though, I promise.

    My Flickr album full of perfectly innocent photos gets found by some interesting searches. I should probably stop using the word "hairy" to describe trees. but I haven't. I never knew how popular "lovely hairy moms" were until it appeared on one photo's stats page pretty much every day.